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Call Us Today!
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Welcome to The Health House

The Health House is a Natural Health Center located in Abilene, Texas.  My name is Debbie Moot and I started work in the natural health field in 1996 with a certification in Iridology. I enrolled in Clayton College of Natural Health and studied for eleven years to learn a myriad of holistic approaches to nutrition and guidance to personal empowerment. I am now a Traditional Naturopath.  Other studies include Reiki Master through William Rand's Reiki Center and Certified Iridologist through Jack Ritchison, ND.  I am also a Board Certified Drugless Practitioner with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

"Debbie has great insight to the health and spiritual needs of the individual. Great compassion keeps me coming back." --R.H. - Trent, Texas

Debbie has a wealth of knowledge to offer in many areas of healing such as Iridology, Reiki and detoxification. There is always a caring atmosphere and plenty of support. Everyone at The Health House works to provide the best and friendliest service possible." --B.O. - Abilene, Texas

"Outside beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is this field, I will meet you there, bringing love and forgiveness."  - Author Unknown



"I have been reading natural health books and receiving newsletters for years. How do I know if I am taking the supplements and eating the foods that are right for me?"

We are bombarded with information on a daily basis. There is so much overload that many people will rely on experts in the field of guidance. Nutritional supplements will not harm you. However, are they helping you? Knowing what and how much your specific needs are is powerful information. The Health House helps people daily with specific individual nutritional recommendations.

"Do I stop taking my prescritpion medication?"

Absolutely not, unless directed by your Doctor. Deborah is trained in the art of blending with your specific needs and will never interfere with your Medical Doctor.

"Do you accept insurance?"

The Health House does not accept insurance at this time. However, we are always looking for a company that will pay for nutritional consulting.

"Are you a health food store?"

A health food store typically will have organic natural foods to prepare as well as nutritional supplements. What is different from the health food stores of earlier years is that there are organic pre-packaged foods for your consideration. Organic meats are available as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Some health food stores will have juice bars or food menu items to order. These foods are delicious and healthy in nature. Some of the more enlightened grocery stores will have natural and organic health food sections. The idea is to let the customer know there is a better, healthier way to prepare meals.

The Health House is a wellness center. We specialize in helping a person be as healthy as they can be. Deborah has specialty training as a Natural Health Practitioner and will work with your Medical Doctor for your greater good. The Health House will use Iridology or Hair Analysis to determine what, when, and where toxins should be eliminated. Our nutritional supplements are carefully selected to blend for your specific individual needs.

"I am on a limited budget. How much does your service cost?"

Deborah can design a program to fit any budget. Your initial consultation will last 30 minutes. Cost of services will also be discussed prior to your appointment.

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