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We use Hair Analysis and Iridology in combination with Reiki (see Reiki for Christian's website:, meditation instruction and life coaching tailored for a whole body healing experience. Deborah is a seasoned professional working by appointment, in person or by telephone, depending on your particular need.

"Debbie has a wealth of knowledge to offer in many areas of healing such as Iridology, Reiki, and Detoxification. There is always a caring atmosphere and plenty of support. Everyone at The Health House works to provide the best and friendliest service possible." - B.O. - Abilene, Texas

"Their caring service & vast knowledge keep me coming back." - B.S. - Abilene, Texas


**also known as: Iridology & Eye Picture**

--"The doctor of the future will prescribe no drugs but will interest his patients in the care and nutrition of the human frame and the cause and prevention of disease." --
Thomas Edison


Examination of the eye to obtain information about a patient's health has been used since the time of Hippocrates in the fourth century B.C. However, it was not until the early 1800s that a physician named Peczely wrote the first major text on Iridology. Just after the turn of the century, numerous medical doctors in Europe and America began writing books on their studies of Iris Analysis. Despite this fact, Iridology was still not a practical tool for all doctors to use. An analysis was very time consuming, requiring the practitioner to slowly and carefully scrutinize the patient's Iris with a small magnifying glass.

In recent years there has been developing a large group of courageous doctors who feel as Edison did and are more concerned with the prevention of disease than with the treatment of endless symptoms. Many of this new breed of doctors prophesied by Mr. Edison have begun using various new methonds of analysis and treatment to achieve their results.

Today there is an increasing number of health care practitioners who utilize the art and science of Iris Analysis or Iridology as it is commonly known, to help determine on an individual basis which treatments, foods, exercises, vitamins, mineral, and overall health regime each patient should be following.

Evidence has shown that man is an extremely complex being and there is much about him and his ailments that is incompletely understood. Indeed, man's symptoms have become so numerous that libraries of textbooks have been written to describe them. Iridology, instead of becoming lost in the sea of symptoms, tries to understand the body language of the entire organism as it is expressed in the iris of the eye.


Today with the advent of new scientific developments, many doctors are taking advantage of a camera system that allows the iris to be quickly photographed in minute detail and then analyzed later, as are X-rays. Follow-up photos for comparison may be taken later to monitor the patient's progress. The practitioner can easily see the vital story each eye reveals and accordingly plan a more accurate health program for the patient.


The basic premise of Iridology is that all organs and body tissue and their state of health are reflexly represented in the colored portion of the eye called the iris.

Thus, through the examination of the iris (it's markings, discolorations, and textures) the doctor's able to analyze the heatlh level of each area of the body.

Nature has provided us with a window to the interior of the body by transmitting this information to the eye. Within the iris are thousands of nerve fibers, which constantly recieve information from every organ and tissue in the body by way of connections with the brain and spinal cord. These fibers are able to simultaneously duplicate in the eye tissue changes as they occur, in other areas of the body.


You do not have to be ill to benefit from an Iris Analysis. Illness is an end product of numerous factors, many of which can be seen in the iris before sickness manifests. True prevention begins when we take steps to neutralize those factors which otherwise would lead to disease. However, if you already suffer from a health problem, you might benefit by seeking the services of a doctor trained in the use of Iris Analysis. He may be able to more readily determine the cause of your problem.


In the hands of a qualified practitioner, Iridology can become a powerful tool to be used together with other means of analysis in determining many things about your state of health.

First, it will help your doctor to discover where your body's strengths and weaknesses are, and therefore, what areas need to be built up through proper treatments. It will also show him if there is infection present and where it is. Often we are not aware of certain low-grade infections, which may be the cause of many problems. Through analysis, once these are located, the iris will show whether or not healing is taking place.

Disease may often be caused by a deficiency of one or more vital nutrients. An Iris Analysis will help reveal which elements are needed by your body.

A complete Iris Analysis can help teach us that achieving and maintaining good health is a responsibility that involves the patient as well as the doctor. Ask your doctor how you can become involved.


Iridology teaches us we are only as strong as our weakest organs. An Iris Analysis can assist the doctor in determining which parts of the body are in need of support and where health problems are most likely to occur. All of us have inherent weaknesses, but how many of us know what they are? By focusing on strengthening the weaker areas, the idea of prevention can be made a reality.
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